With initials standing for Regal Gold, House of RG takes the decadence, embellishments and all-around glamour of the Designers Nigerian culture and fuses it with sharp, bold, luxury garments made for women and men.

Established in 2017, House of RG is a contemporary fashion house celebrating growth and elevation, each piece is designed to make the wearer feel uber sophisticated, feminine and powerful. 

Designed garments are often an extension and an expression of ourselves and for that reason, we believe that every masterpiece we make should magnify the following principles: 


The Luxury Of Time with Handcraftmanship

Taking pride in our attention to detail which takes time with each piece hand-crafted, elegantly cut using age old intricate couture techniques ranging from hand embroidery, applique and hand beading. 


Bespoke Beauty

Every House of RG collection is designed to have its own unique voice, challenging the status quo of fashion. We achieve this by creating pieces that cannot be replicated anywhere else and give you the option to express yourself as distinctively as you desire. Creating a statement that speaks volumes. 


Guaranteed Exclusivity  

Encouraging individuality and creating for to evoke emotions which are the ultimate wow factor. House of RG collections are produced in limited runs ensuring sustainability and exclusivity.